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    We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture in India.

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about us

Uttarakhand Sports Federation: Empowering Sporting Excellence

Uttarakhand Sports Federation, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to revolutionizing sports infrastructure and empowering young talents across all disciplines.

Through strategic planning, investments, and collaboration, we create inclusive platforms for athletes to excel. With a focus on promoting grassroots development, we aim to discover and nurture potential from diverse backgrounds, aspiring to make Uttarakhand a beacon of sporting excellence.

comprehensive sporting

our initiatives

Uttarakhand Sports Federation is not just about competitions; it's about fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Sports Infrastructure Enhancement

We strive to upgrade and modernize existing sports facilities, ensuring they meet international standards and provide a conducive environment for athletes to train and compete.

Youth Talent Development

Our organization actively identifies and nurtures young talents across various sports disciplines, providing them with opportunities, coaching, and support to realize their full potential.

Inclusive Sporting Platforms

We create inclusive platforms and events that welcome athletes of all backgrounds and abilities, promoting diversity and equal opportunities in sports.

Grassroots Development Programs

Through our grassroots programs, we engage with local communities to discover and nurture untapped talent, offering training and mentorship to aspiring athletes.

Sports Events and Competitions

Uttarakhand Sports Federation organizes and hosts sports events and competitions at various levels, encouraging healthy competition and camaraderie among athletes.

Sports Advocacy and Promotion

We actively advocate for the importance of sports in society and work to promote a sports culture that fosters well-being, community engagement, and a sense of pride in Uttarakhand's sporting achievements.


Our Mission

Unleashing Sporting Excellence: Empowering a Victorious Community

Elevate sports infrastructure, empower athletes, and inspire a vibrant sports culture. We aim to create world-class facilities, ensure equitable access, and foster talent. Together, we envision a healthier, victorious community, recognized for sporting excellence.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing Sports Infrastructure: Nurturing Young Talents

Revolutionize sports infrastructure, nurture diverse young talents. Enhance facilities, create inclusive platforms, promote grassroots development. Vision: Empower the next generation for sporting success.


our team

About Us

Meet Our Dynamic Team: Empowering Sporting Excellence

At Uttarakhand Sports Federation, our team is a collective force of dedicated and passionate individuals who share a common vision: to revolutionize the sports landscape and empower athletes across the state.

With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our team is committed to driving positive change in the sports community and fostering a culture of excellence.

Dr. Mukul Benjwal


Mr. Lalit Jindal


Mr. Rahul Batra



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Capturing Moments of Growth and Strategy in the World of Chess

Explore our Gallery to witness the brilliance of young minds immersed in the world of chess.

From intense matches to victorious moments, here's a collection that showcases the dedication, strategy, and growth fostered by UKSF's chess teachings.


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We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture in India.


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We are dedicated to broadening and developing chess as art, recreation, and as a significant element of culture in Northern California.

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